We seek to help people with spondyloarthropathies in Chile through a comprehensive accompaniment, aimed at patients and their environment, encouraging, generating benefits and support networks that contribute and increase the quality of life of each of them.



We want to be a reference organization in matters of spondyloarthropathies in Chile, contributing towards new knowledge and recognized by professionals, patients, authorities and social actors. To be a foundation with an integral approach that is a meeting place for patients and a contribution to the increase of the social capital of the country.



Email: fundacion@espondilitis.cl



Founding member: Vicky Helmlinger Araya

President: Roberto Jorquera Flores

Vice president: Natalia González Araya

Treasurer: Bruno Moris Vega

Secretary: Andrea Varela Otárola

Executive director: Natalia González Araya


Others members

Delegated V region: Viviana Retamal

Medical collaborator: Doctor Sebastian Ibañez Vodnizza